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“Landfall House is hidden in lush jungle gardens on a beautiful stretch of fine sand it shares with the famous Sandy Lane resort. It is one of the most authentically Caribbean and atmospheric [villas]…And so you hardly leave your base. On the few occasions you do make it out, everyone just gets all hot and cross and clamours to go back ‘home’. As the saying goes: ‘East, west, home is best,’ and if you find the right villa, with children in tow, a home away from home is hard to beat.”

Elsie Fields, Harper’s Bazaar, April 2011

This year, the offer of a villa on Barbados’s west coast proved too enticing to turn down; as a result, our one-off experiment seems set to become an annual tradition. We also had a new disciple: my old friend Helen Fielding, the writer who turned her adventures as a “singleton” into two bestsellers featuring the hapless Bridget Jones. Nowadays the mother of two young children, she instantly saw the appeal of our plan and jumped onto the bandwagon for Barbados.

Built in the late Forties and extended in the Seventies, Landfall is a coral-encrusted twist on the traditional colonial-style villa. It is built around a central courtyard and open to the elements. Tropical rainstorms – to the kids’ delight – would cascade through the building and into the fountain at its centre. It was perfect for our youngsters, ranging in age from 4 to 7, with the nooks and crannies ideal for hide and seek, the absence of breakable ornaments making our lives less stressful, and the decor homely and lived-in rather than pristine or modernist. It’s a house full of character, on an island that sometimes seems at peril of losing its own.

Mariella Frostrup, The Sunday Times, January 2011


“Built of local white coral-stone, shingle roofed and hidden behind bougainvillea and hibiscus-clad walls, Landfall beguiles you from the moment you step over the threshold into its courtyard, with its pool, burbling fountain and gallery cascading with flowers. By the time you’ve downed one of butler’s rum punches, followed by a candlelight dinner with the trade winds sighing through the gazebo, and tree frogs providing the chorus, you’ll probably be totally bewitched.”

Jill Crawshaw, The Observer, 25 January 2004

“Landfall, Barbados is one of the most enchanting villas on the most exclusive patch of sand on Barbados – Sandy Lane beach. Built of white coral-stone and hidden behind blazing hibiscus, the house has a courtyard fountain and a gallery cascading with flowers. The butler will mix you a serious rum punch while the cook prepares a candlelit dinner. On the bleached-wood terrace, open to the trade winds, are white linen loungers to chill out on and a pool to cool off in – or there’s the Caribbean just 20 metres away. Landfall is relaxing and private, but close to the action. Pavarotti checks in at the villa next door, Robert Sangster parties in his posh pad, Jane’s Harbour, nearby while Michael Winner and celebs by the score are habitués of the Sandy Lane hotel along the beach.”

Jill Crawshaw, Hello Magazine, 17 March 2004